Terms and Conditions

Bursadelohn.ro is an online project which is aimed at facilitating the meeting between tender and demand in the field of textile manufacturing, leather manufacturing and other products manufacturing which may constitute the object of an outsourcing agreement in Romania.
The administrator of the site www.bursadelohn.ro  is SC ETNOCULTURA SRL, herein called the Administrator, Unique Identification Code 41212930, J03/1603/2019,Pitesti, Arges, represented by Catalin Iordache, with contact data  0755780978, email : bursadelohn@gmail.com.
Producer within www.bursadelohn.ro  is the Romanian legal person which can manufacture the product demanded by the buyer and which fills in correctly the registration form on the site. The producer members of www.bursadelohn.ro   can submit tenders for the demands posted on the site by the buyer members.
In case of submitting a wrong tender, submit another one, then, ask the platform’s administrator to delete the wrong tender.
Buyer within www.bursadelohn.ro is the legal person registered in Romania or abroad which engages to manufacture products within an outsourcing agreement with Romanian producers and which fills in correctly the registration form on the site.
In case of posting a wrong  call for tender, you have the possibility to delete it in the section My account/ pending calls for tenders by pressing the button ‘close the tender’. If you did not reach an agreement with the producer whose tender you have selected, contact the platform’s administrator in order to reactivate the call for tender.  

For use of the electronic platform for tenders the buyers pay 5%+VAT from value of ask.
Rights and obligations of buyer members.
Buyer members have the right to choose only those tenders they consider convenient
Buyer members have the obligation to post serious calls for tenders with complete technical data.
Buyer members have the obligation to supply real identification data at the moment of opening an account on the online platform www.bursadelohn.ro.
Buyer members have the obligation to indicate who is the producer or the producers accepted after the call for tender has been closed.

Rights and obligations of producer members.
Producer members of www.bursadelohn.ro  have the right to publish tenders on the site and to contact buyers.
The responsibility for all data supplied on this site or for the information published belongs entirely to the authors.
Producer members have the obligation to supply real identification data when opening an account on the online platform www.bursadelohn.ro
Rights and obligations of www.bursadelohn.ro administrator
The Administrator has the right to suspend the accounts of the members who breach these rules.
The Administrator is obliged to maintain the on-line site with the exception of unforeseen interruptions of technical nature.
Under no circumstances is the Administrator to be made responsible for the data and information published by the buyer members or the producer members.
The Administrator reserves the right to delete false or poor quality information published by the members, without previous warning.
Communication between the Administrator and the members is carried out by email. The members have the responsibility to maintain in working order the e-mail account they declared in the account sheet so as not to be able to pretend they did not receive the Administrator’s messages, irrespective of the situation. The language of communication between the parties is Romanian or English.
Accounts administration. The Administrator reserves the right not to allow access or to suspend the access to the account of the legal persons whose identification data do not correspond to the data present on the site of the Romanian Ministry of Finance or on the sites which ratify VAT number (VIES) and of the legal persons who undertook any fraud attempt on www.bursadelohn.ro site.

Change of usage rules. In order to protect the aim for which the site was created, namely to facilitate the meeting between tender and demand in the  field of outsourcing manufacturing, the Administrator reserves the right to modify the usage rules with a previous notice.
Fraud. Any action initiated by members which may represent a fraud of any type is totally forbidden and is followed by permanent suspension of the undertaker’s access account.
How does it work? In the moment in which the tender expires or anytime before it expires, the buyer shall close the call for tender choosing one or more tenders and shall contact the producer or the producers who submitted them with the help of the contact data made available by the online platform www.bursadelohn.ro.
Closing the call for tender leads to its deletion from the main page. The producers who will not be chosen by the buyer shall receive an email by which they will be informed that their offer was not chosen.
Prerogatives. Both buyers and producers understand that www.bursadelohn.ro does not sell nor contract any product, goods or services, its role being exclusively that of facilitating the meeting between the parties.
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